New Book Section "Off the Shelf"

The UCI Libraries' Department of Education and Outreach proudly presents its pilot project, "Off the Shelf & on Display." The initiative features research resources from the UCI Libraries' collections to raise awareness for social justice issues and related topics.

The current display is inspired by #BlackLivesMatter and highlights materials that can help us to understand-and to resist-the pervasive racism in our society. The display celebrates the actual matter (e.g. art, film, literature, and music) created by and about Black lives, and emphasizes the diversity of Black material culture.

Patrons can find "Off the Shelf & on Display" in the Langson Library New Books Lobby.

For more information about the project and related materials, please visit the "Off the Shelf & on Display" blog:

To learn more about the items on display, please visit the "Off the Shelf & on Display" Goodreads library:

To find out how you can work with us on future display projects, contact the Department of Education and Outreach: