LOCATION: OC & SEAA theater of war

DATE/TIME: May 10th, 4:30-5:50 PM 

Anticipating the Theater of War's visit to UCI , the UCI Libraries' Department of Education and Outreach invite you to attend, "Art Cures: A Creativity Conversation with Bryan Doerries." Bryan Doerries (MFA from UCI), developed the Theater of War project in 2008-9 with a multi-million dollar grant from the Pentagon. Since then he has directed hundreds of performances in the US and abroad, at medical schools across the country, for professional organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association, and on many college campuses. Facilitated by Professor Susan Jarratt (Comparative Literature, Classics), Professor Jonathan Alexander (English, Campus Writing Coordinator) and Dr. Matthew Roberts (UCI Libraries), this UCI Libraries event will provide an important opportunity to reflect on the connection between contemporary traumatic events and ancient artistic forms. 

For more information about the Theater of War event at UCI, please visit:http://illuminations.uci.edu/events/2016_05_10_Theater_of_War.html 

For more information about the Theater of War and Bryan Doerries' other projects, please visit: https://theaterofwar.com/

The OC & SEAA Center is located on the ground floor of the Libraries Gateway Study Center, facing Aldrich Park.